Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Urn Your Way" Artist Reception-September 3, 5-8pm

Rhea Giffen, Coeur d’Alene mixed media/papier mache artist describes her experience creating for this show at Liz’s invitation.  “I recycle a lot of newspapers in my work and am often struck by the obituaries.  Sometimes the faces jump out at me and I may take time to read the stories.  As I wish them and their loved ones comfort and support on their journey, I imagine a symbolic rebirth of sorts as a little bit of their story becomes layered in the foundation of my sculptures.
To create a vessel that can be used as a funerary urn or simply a place for keepsakes to honor a loved one is a natural progression for my art.  While working on these pieces my most prevalent thoughts were of the interconnectedness of all life.
I love the concept for this exhibit.  Death can be such a beautiful part of the circle of life.  I hope people will become aware of the abundantly creative choices that are available to personalize their remembrances.”

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